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“Food City is a proud supporter of Love FM and its family-friendly content. Like Food City, Love FM provides outstanding community service and support.”

– Food City

“Why we partner with 97.3 Love FM… Short answer is they are Great!! As a business, we always look at who we partner with as a relationship, and April and the team at Love FM are wonderful partners. They have the Vision and Values that we have here at Trigg Enterprises LLC. They always go out of their way to promote our Brand in a tasteful manner, and that is important! As a local business we need to help support the message of Christ in our community, and through local Christian Radio is a great way to do that.”

– Sam Trigg, Director of Operations /Owner

“The first time we donated. I was on my way to work and God moved me to call in. After that we wanted to continue to support Love FM and their ministry. The world needs a whole lot more of God in it!”

– World Printing, Bristol, TN

“We keep the radio on LOVE FM in our Pro Shop all day long.  When we advertised on LOVE FM I received a huge response from the commercials. I had more people mention that they heard our commercials on LOVE FM than any other advertisement we ran during that advertising campaign.”

– Clear Creek Golf Club

“We felt a partnership was just what God wanted, so we called upon our faith and became a supporting partner of Love FM. Since then, we have not looked back and are happy to be an advertiser/supporter of the station still today.”

– Greg & Shirley Mueller, Olive Oil Divine