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Music and Life with April

Music and Life with April

Music and Life with April

About Music and Life with April

The Former Nashville Recording Artist is no stranger to the music business. In 2005, she signed a record deal with Plateau Music in Nashville, TN. She began recording Country music with this label and released her first single "Hero at Home" to radio in 2006.

From San Diego, CA April was the featured performer at the Pentagon's Night of Hero's Gala on four different occasions. She has worked with Fisher House and Walter Reed Medical Center and has made public appearances all across the country.

She traveled the Country supporting 6 National Radio releases and her CD hit stores in 2007. She was named TOP Female Independent Artist of the Year on Music Row and came in Second for Artist of the Year. Her single "I Wanna Live Like That" hit 21 on the charts.

These days, April enjoys being a Mom and Wife, playing golf, singing on occasion, and doing the Morning Show on Love FM. She enjoys being able to encourage other people and sharing the love of Jesus! Join her each morning on LOVE FM as she shares a whole lot of Jesus!

Show Features

7:40 - April's Word of Life
9:10 - April's Word of Life

"Friday Favorites with April" each Friday from 7am -8am