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Mike Cox, Meteorologist

Mike Cox, Meteorologist

Mike Cox, Meteorologist

October 18, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Sunday, October 18
We are right in the middle of October, our driest month of the year, and here’s a week where there won’t be...

October 16, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Friday, October 16
Today, the high temperature happened around midnight. It was pretty warm ahead of the cold front, but once it passed, cold weather returned. We’ll...

October 15, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Thursday, October 15
The sun is staying out for most of us for the rest of the day, but a cold front brings clouds in here tonight, with rain...

October 14, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Wednesday, October 14
It’s gotten a bit chilly around here, especially during the morning hours. This afternoon wasn’t bad at all, though, and we’...

October 12, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Monday, October 12
It’s been a cloudy day for the most part, with some light drizzle or sprinkles from time to time. Another burst or two of...

October 11, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Monday, October 12
It wasn’t quite the rainy day I was expecting today…turns out that was yesterday! That said, we did receive a lot of...

October 9, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Friday, October 9
As expected, there have been a lot of clouds around our area, but not much rain just yet. A few rain showers are possible tonight, and...

October 8, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Thursday, October 8
It’s becoming more and more clear as we get closer to the weekend that we’ll have to deal with some Delta issues...

October 7, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Wednesday, October 7
Our weather has been nice and sunny for a while, which means slow times in the weather office! Changes are on the way, though, so let...

October 2, 2020 #TriCitiesWx Forecast

Friday, October 2
The sun is out at least most of the time on a beautiful Friday afternoon! We’ll see a lot of that coming up this...

About Mike Cox, Meteorologist

Mike Cox is a certified broadcast meteorologist through Mississippi State University. He's also a big Cubs fan, but we don't hold that against him. You can get more in-depth forecasts by checking every day.