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Afternoons with Andy

Afternoons with Andy

Afternoons with Andy

About Afternoons with Andy

Hey, I'm Andy!  I'm a Father of two wild boys and one princess.  I have a wife who is the living example of grace.  When I was a kid, I found Jesus after watching an episode of MacGyver (a show which I still love to watch to this day!).  I love Mountain Biking and Pinball.  I love Pinball so much that I play competitively (I'm currently ranked 7005th in the United States!)

My prayer and belief for you is that God will Open Doors, Break Chains, and Move Mountains in your life - and when you listen to my show, I hope that you are encouraged, entertained, and have a moment of two where you are reminded of how much God loves you, because when you feel God's love, that changes everything!