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Psalm 46:10
October 6, 2020

"Be still, and know that I am God."

Psalm 46:10

We are instructed in this verse to let go, to be quiet, and to be physically and mentally still. For most of us stillness, silence, and serenity are difficult to find. I know personally I have a hard time being still. Life is busy and so are our minds. It is not only tough to make the time to be still; it's tough to create stillness in our mind and body. We always want to step on the Gas and go full speed ahead, believing that doing more, and having more, makes us more complete. Instead, God is telling us here to hit the brakes and be still. If we are busy being busy, God's voice can be nearly impossible to hear. It is critical to our faith to realize that the more we are deliberately still: The more we hear God's voice, the better we recognize God's activity, the smaller our issues seem, the BIGGER God appears, and the more we follow God's divine purpose for us, instead of just our own agendas, ideas, and abilities. When was the last time you released the pressing issues in your life to God? When was the last time you relaxed in the presence of God? Can you set aside just a few minutes today to "be still" before God, and to listen for His voice?