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James 4:8
November 16, 2021

Come near God and He will come near to you.

James 4:8

When fear arises within you, draw near to God. Ask God to remind you that He is indeed near. Even when the enemy want to fill your head full of lies. When anxiety arises, the enemy wants you to believe that God has turned away from you, when in fact that is not the Truth. God never turns away from you. We are the ones who turn away from Him. When you feel weak, fearful and full of anxiety ask God to allow you to feel his presence. Cling to Him, and His Word. He is a good loving and Faithful Father and He is always there waiting on you to draw near to Him. He will never leave you so let the enemy create lies in your mind. When you feel lost and alone just simply speak His name. Fear is a Lair!

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