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Isaiah 50:4
July 26, 2021

He awakens me morning by morning, He awakens my ear to hear as a disciple.

Isaiah 50:4

Nothing will prepare you to face the day better than spending some time with God. We all live a busy life and sometimes we are all so pressed for time! The thought of adding one more things to our already busy schedules is enough to make us shudder. We should be making it a priority in our life to spend time with God before we do anything else! Stop trying to fit God in your schedule and make a decision to put Him first. If you have time to scroll on social media each day or spending time on things that really are just a waste of time, you can make more time for God . Life does not have to overwhelm you or catch you off guard. Prepare yourself for the challenges you will face today, but Trusting God to help you with your time and spending time with Him first.
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