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Isaiah 44:2
February 16, 2021

This is the man to whom I will look and have regard: he who is humble and of a broken spirit, and who trembles at my word.

Isaiah 44:2

When we hear from God, we have the choice to respond with humility and trust, or to harden our hearts and ignore Him. Regrettably, when some people don't get what they want, or when they go through trials and test, they harden their hearts. Don't let your heart get hard during difficult times. People with hard hearts are rebellious and refuse correction. They also have difficulty hearing from God, and they have difficultly in relationships. They are not willing to see other people's viewpoints they don't understand other people's needs and usually don't care about them. They are self -centered and unable to be moved with compassion. Let us aggressively see God to soften our hearts and help us be tender in sensitive to His touch and His voice. When things don't work out the way you want them to, trust God and remember to keep a good attitude.
(Hearing from God Each Morning Devotional)