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Ezekiel 20: 40
September 25, 2020

For on My holy mountain on the mountain height of Israel, says the Lord God.... There will I require your offerings and the first fruits and the choicest of your contributions, with all your sacred things.

Ezekiel 20: 40

This verse says that we should bring the Lord our first fruits, the choicest selections of all our offerings. To stay in perfect peace we should give God the best of our time and our goods. We must be honest with ourselves about what our priorities really are and start making changes to keep God in first place. Don't give God your leftovers, don't give Him the part of your day when you're worn out and you can't think straight or hardly keep your eyes open. Give God the fruits of your attention. Give Him the best part of your day. That's where your real priorities will be found. Talk to God through-out your day, asking Him to help direct you in the choices you are making and to empower you for the jobs that you need to do. As you acknowledge that God is always with you, you will keep Him first in everything you set out to do, and He will show you a direct path that will lead you to peace