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1 John 5:12
December 10, 2021

Little Children, keep yourself from idols. (false gods)

1 John 5:12

This verse basically means anything and everything that would occupy a space in your heart in place of God, any sort of substitute for Him that would take first place in your life. We must be very diligent to seek God and to keep ourselves from all other idols. Ask yourself sincerely if there is anything or anyone in your life whom you put before God. If you find there is, simply ask God to forgive you and start making God a priority in you life. God should be our number one priority in life. God will bless you for honoring Him this way. Weed out the things in your life that are keeping you from God. Is it social media, a job, whatever it might be, you need to make the necessary adjustment to honor God the way He deserves. Keep God in first place in your life.
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