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Thu, Jun 13 from 11:00am to 12:30pm
Washington County, VA Isaiah 117 House
Bristol, VA 24202

Join us and celebrate this exciting day as we get a few shovelfuls closer to changing the way foster care begins!
RSVPs are politely requested to guarantee hot dogs for all the mouths and chairs for all the behinds.
Our address will not be publicly posted for privacy and safety concerns, so please reach out to WashingtonVA@isaiah117house or call Savanah Harrison at 423.518.3760 ext.613 for further details.
The Washington County expansion of Isaiah 117 House will serve and love on the children, social workers, and foster families of Washington County, the city of Bristol, and Smyth County.
We will actively seek to reduce trauma for our kiddos on their worst day, lighten the load of our beloved social workers, and ease the transition for our foster families. Isaiah 117 House exists to remind all of the above that they are not alone.