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Fri, Dec 10 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Resurrection Power
909 N. North Street Johnson City, TN

Friday is a weekly service designed to bring different congregations together in one mind and one accord to uplift the name of JESUS! All are encouraged to attend in person or join our LIVE Broadcast on Facebook.
This week, Elder Berthanna Oxendine of Open Door Tabernacle Training Center and I Believe God Ministries International will be ministering as the Lord directs her. A “Love Offering” will be taken to sow into Elder Oxendine.
Everyone is encouraged to attend and CELEBRATE JESUS in one accord. All differences are put aside and agree upon the GOSPEL of JESUS.
Everyone is welcome to praise & worship JESUS to the best of their ability. If one enjoys just sitting in their pew and quietly worshiping and praising JESUS or if one enjoys lifting their hands, dancing, running or etc, you have that FREEDOM IN JESUS.
Please refer to the events listed in the events section of RESURRECTION POWER’S FACEBOOK page to see who is scheduled next to minister.
For your convenience, we offer masks as well as hand sanitizer, we do not mandate for a person to wear or not to wear a mask. We respect whichever decision you make concerning your health as every one respects the decisions of others as well.
We look forward to Praising and worshiping JESUS with you.
*Main Parking area is located directly behind the church and is gated.
*Overflow Parking is located in front of the church on Clover Street in a grassy field located between to driveways.